Thank You Chester Bennington & Linkin Park!

When you’ve practically grown up on Linkin Park songs and the lyrics and voice of a man who pulled you through some of the most difficult years of life [till date at least], you realize how someone you don’t even know can have such an influence on your life… It’s not done right?

However, its these lyrics along with that of a few other bands that also taught  me how to vent out by putting your feelings to words. The words in Numb, In The End, Heavy, Iridescent, Crawling, Battle Symphony, One More Light, Waiting for the End, Bleed It Out and so many more have touched a part of my soul forever and ever.

These songs and more from Linkin Park were my Go To songs every-time I was so angry that I couldn’t breathe straight, forget doing anything else. I always believed that an artist be it an Author, Poet or Lyricist can’t ever produce any works of art without leaving a part their soul behind in it and that was true to his and the band’s words as well, wasn’t it?

Linking Park’s Music, Words and Voices including that of Chester’s mostly have impacted my life in a very strong way, they’ve taught me to pick myself up, dust off and live again. They have been up lifting without a doubt. The best part about or rather the power of Words and Songs is that they live on forever. If not impacting each generation, then at least impacting a select few of them very strongly. For one thing is for sure, if you have listened to Linkin Park even once, they’ve already impacted your playlist and life forever.

Here’s a link to my favourite tribute to Chester Bennington!

On a personal note, I know how important it is to find an ear to your woes and I am glad that I could find that kind of support. I would like to extend the same to anybody who’d ever just wanted to vent out. Do connect, I know its very hard to put to words whether verbally or written all that shit that goes on in your head! However, till when will you hold it all in, you need to write about it, talk about it, paint it out! You need to vent, cause if you don’t one day it’ll burst out together far uglier [again i know from personal experience]… Find a means to throw it out of system, whatever it may be!


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