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Here are some snipets of information of all the places I wish to visit before I die!

Weekend Mantra! – Travel Haiku

Source: Unknown – Google

Need a new road trip…

To refresh my grey cells thisย monsoon

Need some solitude far away

The Journey


Gorgeous Greens miles after miles
Remind me again why we bear city’s summers
When heart’s solitude is elsewhere

Another travel haiku about my recent road trip to Shrivardhan and Dive Agar, beautiful scenery and solitude to the next level nothing beats this Diveagar road where the mountains, the sea and the road bewitch you for eternity!

Travel Haiku

Stand and survive
No matter the malevolent rains
Never to bow


Bow with such a grace!

Bow with such a grace…

That people still want to follow you!

Cause you’re never truly lost

Until your heart gives up


Bow with such a grace

That the no-gooder may not enjoy his win

Cause you never win or lose

Without humbleness and grace!
Bow with such a grace

That other’s bow to your bow
Cause you’re born to lead

Be it a charge of the Light brigade
A wander through the Tibetan glade


God’s Beauty – Kodaikanal Diaries!

A beauty like no other… We humans truly can’t compete with God when it comes to beauty can’t even come close to replicate it!













Kodaikanal Diaries – Haiku

A morning heart-touchingly beautiful
Touches deepest wintered corners of my heart
A morning to breathe free




A Place So Perfect – Walkeshwar, Mumbai


A perfect morning

A perfect night

How do you describe

A place so perfect

As your pen runs ahead


Wake up with

Temple bells

Fall asleep to

The lullaby of the sea


A perfect view

By my window-side

Made up by imperfectness

Of old temples and crooked trees

Of sparkling stars and black waves


A sight so enchanting

Created by mundane hues

A sight so dramatic

Enchanted with street lights


Not a moment passes by

Without gazing afar

Across the horizon

Beyond sight

At the unseen tides

My own Glass Cage


I need to write
Paint my words with the residue of tears
Pour my heart out as sorrow enfolds
Push away my hopes and dreams

It suffocates in here
To see the world from another’s eyes
To feel the thrill of adventures through another’s stories
To hear the sounds of a merry brook by looking at its still reflection

I need a pen and paper
To soothe the treacherous seas within
To calm the willful strong winds
To nullify the erupting volcanoes

Let me write it out
Let me say what I cannot express

You think I am as free as you
You think no society binds me
Think again
For it does, for it will always do.
But you know what hurts more
Than societal strictures
Is knowing I can change that…
Knowing that I build my own glass cage!

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