My own Glass Cage


I need to write
Paint my words with the residue of tears
Pour my heart out as sorrow enfolds
Push away my hopes and dreams

It suffocates in here
To see the world from another’s eyes
To feel the thrill of adventures through another’s stories
To hear the sounds of a merry brook by looking at its still reflection

I need a pen and paper
To soothe the treacherous seas within
To calm the willful strong winds
To nullify the erupting volcanoes

Let me write it out
Let me say what I cannot express

You think I am as free as you
You think no society binds me
Think again
For it does, for it will always do.
But you know what hurts more
Than societal strictures
Is knowing I can change that…
Knowing that I build my own glass cage!



  1. Read it again! Liked it even more this time, how could that be! Hehe, I didn’t saw your reply untill now, I am new here soooo don’t we get an e-mail or something if we get a reply?!


    • Depends on your email settings mostly we get a notification I am guessing… Thanks once again I am glad you liked it so much means a lot… though tell me what did you find inspiring about the poem…


  2. Indeed, it’s a notification that we get … I love the way you write, meaning that the expressions and the choice of your words are beautiful. I also love that it is deep and true. I can recognize myself in your writing style, and that’s what I’m seeking for on this blogsite … I’m not writing for a long time and nobody ever saw my writing, until a stranger (who had the strange, powerful effect on me that I could trust him from the very beginning, and in my case, that’s rare) was interested in what my writing style was, so I finally dared to show someone, something off myself (“The shallow depth of happinesss” on my blog) and I was extremely surprised of the good outcome, so here I am! And writings like yours, keep me inspired.


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