The Onlooker



A brow without crevices
Is a delicacy of rare occasions
Enhanced with the flavour
Of wrinkled eyes and laughter lines
Is a sight as beautiful as
A blooming rose and a soothing lily
A semblance of peace
Together a true synergy

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – Aristotle

Inspired by the above quote…


Power can be held in the smallest of things…
Like a smile
Like a word
Like a butterfly
Like a thought
Like a dream
Like a raindrop
Power can be held in the smallest of things…
Both good and bad…
It’s all dependent on an even smaller thing

A poem inspired by a literary epic!

Monday Morning Inspiration!

This Monday, start with a smile instead of a frown…

This Monday, start with a hope instead of disdain…

This Monday start with a beginning instead of an end…

Throwback Poetry!


And You…


And you
You scare people because you accept
Who you are and your negatives

And you
You scare people because you are honest
Cause lies take too much time and effort

And you
You scare people because even when
You do something you can’t do, you still ace it

And you
You scare people not because you’re whole
But the sum of the parts you are

Are greater than that of the individual others
You’re whole self may not be what they can handle

A quote inspired poem!

What's anger-They asked meA sour grapeMade toRuin your tastebudsFor hours on endA pollutantDrop in the pondKilling hundredsAt a stretchA diseased cell Ensuring the goodDon't surviveEnsuring total decayAnger my de

-Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.- (1)

One of my favourite quotes about one of my favourite things in life -Stars!

The Journey


Gorgeous Greens miles after miles
Remind me again why we bear city’s summers
When heart’s solitude is elsewhere

Another travel haiku about my recent road trip to Shrivardhan and Dive Agar, beautiful scenery and solitude to the next level nothing beats this Diveagar road where the mountains, the sea and the road bewitch you for eternity!

What makes me Happy!

jI like conversations
With meaning
Conversations not
About people
I like discussing hopes
And charms
Debating opinions
Fighting on perspectives
I like sitting by the sea
And not thinking
Losing yourself in its enormity
Where you’re naught but a drop

Another random musings poetry, where one online quote led to another by me…

Travel Haiku

Stand and survive
No matter the malevolent rains
Never to bow


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