Walk On

So often in life

When you think you’ve

Finally taken a step forward

Shit just drags you back to square one

I read back to some old words

“If what is ahead scares you and what is behind hurts you then just look above”

I look up and see skyscrapers

Blocking the stars and the moon

The same things that make me feel

That it’s ok I’m not alone

Sitting in the middle of a traffic ingested road

I’ve never felt so alone

But then there it is that voice again

From deep within

That says you can’t be lonely

When you have yourself

And you are not inconsequential

You have you

Two arms to wrap around yourself

when you need that hug

So what if you’re back to square one

You’re still on step one

Just like the waves that the sand

Pushes back again and again

They don’t stop do they

Nature doesn’t let them stop

So why should you

You too are not but a force of nature

You are there

That’s all you need

It’s never less

It’s still the one that matters the most

It’s not the end

Even though it seems to be

You still have many more

Traffic ingested roads left of this life

To walk on


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