For Friendship

There are some people
you’ve just got to meet
every day, max every second day
People that you need to tell everything
What you bought, you didn’t buy
Said, not said, wanted to say
Did, thought, almost to the level of
what you ate, wore and drank

It’s these people with whom you have
Meaningless conversations and Meaningful silences
Raste ki Chai, Starbucks ki coffee,
Brilliant food
Cause when you are with them
It doesn’t matter where you went
What you ate, drank, wore or did
No meets are planned only souls sharedShe is the first you call
Before family before everybody
She is the one who knows
Exactly what you’ve done, not done, and thought to do for almost 10 years

Thank you for being always there
Even though we don’t share
Barely any similarities
We always are there for each other

Thank you
For sharing my craziness
For being as bitchy as I am
For being brilliantly good still
For being always there


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