Not Crazy
I’m not crazy she shot out to the world
Retaliating to their fatal bullet words
I’m not crazy she cried to the world
Begging them to see the beauty
I’m not crazy she kept saying over and over again

Until that moment of realization
That it mattered not
It mattered their words
It mattered their actions

But it mattered not her words
For they were blinded by a need
To hide their scars with her blood
To hide their bads with her difference

Years went by or may be minutes
But she learnt to let go
Learnt to let it not matter
Learnt to pity instead of being pitied

She learnt so much
From tears
She learnt so much
From silence

She learnt to call herself crazy
For you see she knew how to smile
For you see she knew how to breathe
For you see she knew her realities were different from theirs

A something written
For a someone I spoke to today
For a someone that was spoken about
For a simple reason that
I knew not what her burdens were
But I could see they were
Heavier than mine!