Tonigh’s magic!

Shhh … Hold your breath in
Close your eyes and exhale
Open your heart to nigh’s sweet smell
Open your ears to the wind and Sea’s midnight conversations

Open your eyes
Take a deep breath and look up
Up at the diamonds scattered
Up at the silver circlet of clouds

Atop the moon’s royal head
A circlet of peace blended with magic
Breathe in deep again and exhale
I know you don’t want to

Don’t want to let go
Of this moment’s magic
Wondering if you’d like ever see it again
A nigh such as this

Soaked in the universe’s essence
A nigh of purity and power
Dipped in soulful harmonious calm
The pitch black with the silver white
The deep seas and the shallow winds
The sweet smell and the strong breeze

It’s nature’s essence at its best
It’s the nigh of the witches and warlocks
Of the oracles and the druids
Of the angels and the ghosts
Breathe it in
For this is the juice that keeps the universe running

This is what some call God
Some mother nature
With all the permutations and combinations of names and stories
Call it what you may
But always cherish it’s magic!



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