Ached to paint… Ached to soothe!

Have your fingers ever ached with the need
To bring to paper the expressions of one
So lost in their sorrow and bleakness
So lost in thoughts of nothingness

Where you wish for charcoal and paper
It’s gotta be a monochrome you think
Nothing else could capture such emotions
A black and white with none too many greys

Whilst I ponder over textures and papers
I look again at the subject
And a thought weasels it’s way out
In the midsts of planning; a cold wind

Subject? Did I say that?
Did I reduce someone’s being to that
Someone’s pain to nothing but an object
What humanity am I left with

Is that me
My face questions with a grimace
Is it human
My soul asks with a touch of loss

Is it the norm
To not inquire about somebody sadness
But then again what would I say
To uplift such sad thoughts

Not but a word
After all we live in a world
Of sadness and stress
Of misfortune and misunderstandings

Empathy is good at its place
Not at the expense of privacy
After all it’d be uninvited for sure

I settle in for a smile
To ease my guilt
To charm a smile or two
It’s effects leave me bemused

The smile you see
Was returned in full force
And it stayed in its place
Banishing the rest to an innermost chamber



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