World Poetry Day

So yesterday was world poetry day
and I had to write something didn’t I?

For if there’s one thing I know
That I can do is… write poetry

It’s the one thing that makes me breathe…
It’s the one thing I fall back to…

My support system…
My never fail escape mechanism…

Putting words to feelings
Putting words to understandings

Is what I know I can
It’s your safe house

A must for every individual
To have an escape route

So poetry is that for me
Where it matters not

If it’s good or bad
If it rhymes or not

It doesn’t matter what people
Think when they read

What matters is pouring the
Good bad and ugly

Out of your system
And into words

This was written a day after world poetry day… An attempt to put to words my love for poetry and my need to write…


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