Of being with the one being

Of being with the one being
I wonder if Muslims
Pray 5 times a day
To just escape the bullshit of this life

As a means to forget all their woes
And lose themselves in the thought
Of being one with the one

Of being just another being
Of not wondering what is that being
Of not wanting to be a different being

As a means of reassurance
That there is a higher power
Who is with them each step

Each step through this garbage called life
Each step through meandering conversations
Each step through a multitude of conflicting emotions

As a means of not existing
As a single being
But united with supreme being

To remind themselves
That it’s OK
If things are downhill
That it’s OK
If you make a hundred mistakes
That it’s OK
If you’re not perfect
But just you one with the one

Note: Please don’t take this poem in any wrong religious sense… I mean it in the most positive ways that I can… Because I strongly respect secularism and pray to one and all… I believe in all religions because I think at the end of it all if you compare the stories of all gods and religions they are at the base line just the same…  Because at the end they’re just that one power… The life source of all things, good bad and ugly…


One comment

  1. ‘Each step through this garbage called life’
    A bit dismissive remember some are enjoying the garbage.
    ‘ It’s ok if things are downhill ‘
    Some cannot go any further downhill with out starving.


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