Soulful Talk?

Survivor’s Instinct?
I think not,
its definitely something more…

Something that wakes you up,
pushes you to
do things you didn’t dream off…

Something that makes
this corporate jungle-life of ours bearable…
Something that reminds us of

The need to be good
The need to let in the light
The need to smile
The need to walk in the rain
The need to breathe
The need to fly!

The Thoughts Unexpressed

What do you call that feeling, that emotion, that inner strength? The one that makes you go on, even on days that are the bleakest even for a melancholic as yourself? That does not allow your failure to become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Hear it offer you solace when others seem to “tolerate” you rather than accept. Feel its strength on days when you are afraid for having spoken the truth but wouldn’t have had it any other way. Allow it to let you rest on your laurels for just a bit before it gets you back on your feet for an uncertain future. Isin’t it the the voice of sanity that allows you to swallow your pride and gulp down a meal that you feel ashamed to have earned? Is it also not the conscience keeper that refuses to let your self-respect take a beating, ever? Even in decisions that…

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