Be a woman

I’ve realised
The more I show others I can take it
The more it is shoved my way

I’ve made a mistake
A grievous one
You know the kinds
That you make years ago

And have been adding layers
Of fresh cream on it
And once in a while a dash
Of bravery and stupid strength

That’s what I’ve done
I forgot how to be dainty
How to be pretty and fragile
I forgot women are to be protected

To be cared for
And opened doors for
Not be burdened with taxes
And the likes

I’ve forgotten it all in
The strive to prove myself
To prove my capabilities
To grow. To be. To fly.

Indifference got to me
The need to protect my being
Strong and undiminished
The need to fulfil my needs

Sighing at the stupidity of this conversation
My mind and soul categorise solutions
The pros and cons evaluated
The blacks and whites in place

Option 1:
Continue your stupidity
Of being a ME and not just a WE
. But don’t you dare
Fantasise and EXPECT
You’ve lost that right
You’ve got to be self reliant
Hard it would be for a mere
Social beings like you humans
But one must when one needs

Option 2:
Be a woman
Be a normal woman
Not the goddess
You wish to inculcate
Be dependent
Be hopeful
Be constantly expectant
Women aren’t meant to bear burdens
Their hands are delicate and soft
Women are to smile like sunshine always

What would you choose
I wonder dear reader
The road well travelled
Or the one with mere faint footprints

What would I choose
You wonder dear reader
Walking down the path I am on
Or walking all the way back

To choose a new one
A well laid cobbled one
Old habits die hard
And some are eternal


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