Friends = Pests

Friends = Pests
You know friends
Are an annoying breed of humans
They are weasels
Who simply love burrowing
They are incessant fireflies
Who simply love buzzing

Friends are truly pests
With brains closer to a monkeys
Who go on loop
Like a broken cassette
Who are the torch light shone
In to check for pupil contraction

Burrowing their noses
In our sorrows
That irritating pin hole of light
At the end of tunnel
When you simply want to wallow
In dark invisibility

Queen Bees – All of them
Buzzing about our ears and noses
With constant cheer as if
Drawing out smiles instead of nectar
When all you want to think of
Is murder with bumblebee’s stinger

Remind me again
Why I associate
With these Sadist
Incessant Pests
Remorseless Buggers
Constant Shadows


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