Reading turning into an addition?

I’ve spent the last two years reading one book after another, not stopping for a minute as well…  Anything to keep me from thinking about a blank future and continuing to ignore the present. Anything to keep me busy when I don’t lose myself in work…

Not that I’ve not lived my life in the present and made the most of each day, but I believe there’ve been days that have been spent doing nothing but reading books and more books…  Living life through other people’s stories more like. Important daily tasks have been ignored just to escape in the beautiful happy endings I’ve been pursuing.

Call it a new year resolution or realization but isn’t this being addictive. as well?

Of continuing series and series of novels, for no other aim but to deal with stress.  It’s then that I realized that my love and passion for books has turned into an addiction just like alcohol and tobacco. An attempt to escape life.  An attempt to avoid dealing with problems.  It’s turned from a love of reading to something not so right.

Reading is to be done to improve the mind, to nurture it, to become more curious and above all to keep learning.
Not to forgo realities to deal with later,  but a means of improving how we deal with them.

Thus, I’ve come to a conclusion,  more like rehab.. One book a week instead of a book a day, and one article or poem on my blog here instead of a blog a week…

Going forward it’s going to be my aim to find something I am curious about or something I just learned or understood and writing about it…

Having said all this I’d truly like to know your thoughts about this…  About whether I am thinking right or not…  About whether you have faced something similar or not?

Have you ever considered or taken to reading just to forget realities everyday and every hour instead of reading for the true love of it?


Share your thoughts with me...

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