Keep Walking

Sometimes you can give
Your hundred percent to something
A nd even that’s not enough for people

Don’t lose heart in hours such as thus
They may be long and impossible
With nigh a light at the end

But tread along
A breath at a time
A step at a time

Your faith will see you through
In God yes
But more so in your own being

Surround yourself with people
Who don’t tarnish but are more like varnish
Cheesy as that may be

Its these people who’ll preserve you
Who’ll let your beauty keep shining
Irrespective of the years, hours and steps you take

They’ll hold your soul in bare hands
When its to heavy for you to hold
Along with all your burdens

They may not carry your burdens but
They’ll help you see it all through
They’ll pick you up and set you right

Keep that faith in your own being
Nourish your mind and soul
For everything shall pass

Just walk down your road
Even its an endless maze
Just keep walking


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