The Focal Point of All Existence


The Thoughts Unexpressed

It lay in a forlorn corner at the factory, a corner that had been abandoned a long time ago. No one even bothered to maintain it anymore. And yet there was a time when it was indispensable, or so it thought. Is there anything in this world that is indispensable? It had been the star compound for many-a-colours that brightened the lives of thousands of individuals. It had been the company’s highest revenue grosser for what seemed like an eternity. And it was replaced just like that. No trace of its existence in the past or scope of being used in the future. What a more cruel way to wipe off any notions of its indispensability than to let it rot and rust in the same place that it gave its whole life to?

To watch another rise to fame just as it did, perhaps to be replaced just as…

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