It refuses to let me sleep
My eyes ache
But no rest is to be found

It refuses to let me sleep
Especially for once
When my mind is asleep

It refuses to let me sleep
Lest I miss out
On its silvery glory

The black canvas has me enchanted
Serene slumber it denies & withholds
The black silk sheets mesmerisingly murmur

The grandeur of the old bewitches
Sleep being pushed a far
Entranced I sit gazing

At the sea, the sky, the moon, the nigh…

For the truth lies in the deepest darkest nighs
Shining as bright as the silvery crystal ball in the sky
That holds all the answers, the truths,  the confessions

This no wonder thus that silver linings are so stressed upon
For in reality the clouds and their silver linings are not found during sunblaze!