All I want

All I want is


In my life

No Clients

No Online Payments

No Meetings or Deadlines

No IT worries or bank woes

Just simplicity

A simple job

A simple life

Truly mine

No fears

No restrictions

A mind truly free



A brain so fresh

That societal norms & rules

Haven’t affected

Where fears haven’t settled in

And tears aren’t mandatory

I know that’s farfetched

Far far from me

For my fingertips

to even scratch




  1. All I want is ‘ simplicity ‘, but how to get it ?
    Let me tell you, the lesson I learnt from a very brilliant Oxford graduate. A grand gala party was arranged by his parents living in London to celebrate his graduation with 1st class. Maternal and paternal uncles who gathered at party, each started give him advise. Some said he should study further for law or others say he should become CA
    or MBA etc. After listening all, he said gentlemen now let me tell you what is going on
    in my mind right now and why ?

    “Y’day, I went to Harrods Dept. store with my scrap book and pencil. One after another I visited each sales counter at the store with quick glance at all the products displayed.
    Purpose was to find out what products HARRODS is offering for sale w/o which I can not survive in this world. At the end of one hour and after browsing through all the products I walked out from Harrods with my scrap book still blank. I could not find one
    single item at Harrods w/o which I can’t survive. As such, I have re-affirmed my mind
    to go to India for studying ‘Brhahmvidya’

    Now he is BAPS Sadhu named ‘ Sadhu Brham Vihari ‘. He was assigned the task of approaching President Abdul Kalam for inviting him as chief guest for opening ceremony of New Delhi Akshardham. Rashtrapati Bhavan Office granted him just 10
    minutes time to spend with President Abdul Kalam which was too short. Abdul Kalam was impressed so much with this Sadhu that he not only allowed him 30 minutes time
    and gladly accepted the invitation but expressed his wish to pay visit to Akshardham
    very next day – well before the official opening. That meeting has now turned into long lasting friendship not only between AK and BV but now Pramukh Swami Maharaj is also added to it.

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