Does black have a soul?

A pelican and a crow sat side by side
Staring at unknown scenes unfold
They sat and saw animals fight
Animals just like them black and white

So the crow asks the pelican
Do you see meat anywhere?
The pelican gives him a curious look and denies
Explaining that some animals just fight

The lights dim and black takes hold
Jolted awake the crow beholds
Orange leaps from nest to nest
In a frenzy he jumps flies afar

To lands unknown
Sitting by the side of a maina
He questions
Do white and black animals fight here too

The maina wise and old
Stares and says
No but I see a sadness among the black females here
I’ve heard the white say the black are bad

Bewildered the crow asks
You understand them
She nods and tells him twas in such a home
I broke free of the shell

My mistress a kind soul
Cared deeply till she flew
Just like me she was deep brown
Unhappy the poor creature lies alone

As the morning white sparkled
The crow flew further away
Meeting a pheasant with beauty aplenty
In the land of dazzling white

He questioned his questions again
Understanding that no black existed here
Exclaiming he said then all must be happy
Of course they are just look at those petite ladies

Looking ahead the crow sees
An underline of sadness on each white page
Questioning again he is told
Understood it is the world over
That hens are to be tortured and ruled over

While saying so he puffs his chest
As if to say this was the golden truth
Where differences were fought over
Where being black was bad; beauty a necessity

Dejected the crow flew on
His own blackness and ugliness
Wearing hard on his tiny soul
Wondering if black had a soul

He flew high up
Hoping to ease his throbbing heart
As he flew higher up
He saw And what he saw soared his heart
higher to the blacker unknown sky

He saw the dark and realized
It’s important
For without the black
These animals wouldn’t be able to appreciate the white

The black added the depth
The black kept this world grounded
The white dazzled against dark deep hues
And at the end of this all

Only black had the power to absorb this all
Only black had the power to swallow this earth
If white was the shining light at the end of the tunnel
Twas the black that could only bring you to it!!


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