A note to parents…

Inspirational Typographic Quote - Just Breathe

Breathe in Breathe Out
Nod Up Nod Down
Comprehend the scenario

No don’t breathe
Hold your breath
Leave the house at 8
And be back home at 8
Discipline your self

Makes no sense to you
For you must know all

Know all
Do all
Make them smile
And forget to smile
Forget to breathe

In & out
Up & Down
Heads move
Designed to swivel at an angle
Not one move can differ

Forget the concept of ‘ME’
You are not someone special
You need to listen to ‘US’
And follow our rules
If you want to live here

Live Exist
Home House
What difference
Are you yapping about?
Be Quiet Now

Why aren’t you talking?
I am demanding an answer
Where were you?
An hour late is not accepted
Where were you?

Where was I?
Was there an I?
Why was I?
What was me?
I know not

The concept was alienated to me
Through biases & beliefs
A herd mentality followed
Applied to humans for it was easier
Easier than to cultivate a mind

Teach it how to breathe
Teach it how to be it
Teach it to believe differences
And not point them out
Teach it to grow on its own

And once you do that
Let it fly
Fly free
And smile with pride
When it soars

For I can only imagine the joy
You would feel
It would feel
For I dream of that freedom
Or at least dream of giving one
‘IT’ that feeling of breathing on its own!


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