She lived in a world of light

Sunshine and Laughter

Smiles and Flowers

From Morning to Night


People and Talks

From 1 to 365

Conversations and Laughter

Filled up each waking moment


Sleep grew smaller as demands expanded

Yet smiles and sunshine it was

Yet mornings and light it was

Yet flowers and laughter it was


Laughter booming so hard

Beating against her ear drums

Beating and Banging

Like the bombing of a city


All she wanted was to open that window

All she wanted was to escape that light

All she wanted was the night’s comforting darkness

All she ever wanted was an eternal silence


Free from frozen painful smiles

Free from meaningless comforting talks

Free from false sunshine and dying flowers

Free to choose to say adieu


Adieu to the falsehood

Adieu to the machines that lit up like Christmas

Adieu to the endless rains of tablets

Adieu to this cancer-ridden world


PS: Not too happy with the title of this poem...
Help me title it better please! :)