This poem is dedicated to one of the bravest, strongest and most beautiful person I’ve the privilege of knowing in my life!

She looked in the mirror
Unhappy was she
Her looks
Matched no more
Her expectations

Hair gone
Ugliness she saw
Eyes dulled
For she
Saw only ugliness

O you stupid
Stupid girl
Your beauty
Shines from within

Ask us
We don’t empathise
Beauty lies
In you
In your smiles

In the way
You make us smile
In the way
You can always
Lift our sour moods

Beauty lies within you
So far entrenched
That you cannot
Be free
Ever of it

Beauty lies within you
In your strength
In your ability
To smile through this all
And breeze through it

Beauty lies in you
Beauty shines within you

Here’s a video that truly fits this poem to the T!