Stray Reflections

She sat there
Wiping away stray tears
All alone in a crowded train
Her sorrows I knew not
Invade her privacy
I would not

I turned my head looking away
Till her sorrows I could see no more
Across the station a lone tree stood
As my train stood standstill
And I sat my gaze affix

It stood tall; naked
Without its cloak of leaves
Strong despite weaknesses
Tall despite shortcomings
Another train passed before my eyes
I gaze forth catching glimpses of its steadfast strength

I realised how similar life is to this
How despite light or darkness
We must stand tall
In front of others so they may seek our strength
In front of ourselves so we may draw strength
Stand tall despite all

Just like life it passes by without you realising.
All the while happiness is across the platform
Yet you see glimpses of it
Smile a little stronger as it’s about to disappear
But never catch it
As it flitters away like a butterfly

Straightening up
I sit back tall
Looking forth
Staring at her once again
I see her smile
In the stainless steel reflection


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