Reign of (T)error

Poetics by Mera™

You Consume Their Terror You Consume Their Terror

Reign of (T)error

No inspiration …
No sensation …
No abrogation …
No respiration …

The agony of tyranny
is the genesis of mutiny.

Prohibit to liberate –
Terminate to emancipate.

Violate the violator
of the established proprietor
And prosecute the dissenter
of the censurer.

The lunatics are free to roam
So long as they don’t roam alone.

Those who roam alone
are nothing but lunatics
on a spree of dissention
in a society void of heretics.

No room for difference
in a world indifferent
to the existential reality
of man and the calamity
of plague-stricken minds
Barren of any form of sanity.

“It’s a reign of terror,”
they say.
Ignorant of the actuality
of our decay.
Meditated upon the grounds
of conformity.

What they say isn’t any more than hearsay;
A world reigned by error
and fermented through terror
In an era dwelling in madness.

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