Hunger Gnawed

Hunger gnawed again
Nothing could be done
Each day it grew
Each minute worsened

I couldn’t tell ma could I
I couldn’t tell my pa
‘Cause I didn’t have one
So I played that game again

A game of choice
A game of imaginations
A game to bring an end
To this mind numbing hunger

Without bags packed
My shoes worn I set off with
My bestest of best friends
We went off to meet my da

You know he lives in a castle
With white cliffs &
White horses
I am going to meet him

Banquets lit
Tables Laden
Plates Gilded
Smells Wafting

Hunger unleashed
I ate and ate
Turned and asked
My friend to join me

He sadly shook his head
As I reached out
With a spoonful of pudding
Making him eat

Trying to force it
I tried reaching him
But he escaped
And vanished in thin air

I tripped on the chair’s leg
Scrambling up I look around
Chair… Where did it go?
All I could see were broken tombstones



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