Born from a woman’s womb

My eyes open as I cry

Disdain, Discomfort I See

‘Oh it’s A Girl’ I hear


Decades run by

My eyes close blocking all

Fear creeps; shivers down

Scared of another’s touch


Ears unable to barricade

Unfiltered tyranny torments my heart

That girl is… shameless

That girl is… ugly


Mind crumbles and questions

Oh why was I born?

They say it’s a punishment

Of my past life’s sins


They say I should be happy

For I am lucky

For they didn’t

Murder at my very birth


Shaken & distraught

I realize…

What a curse it

Is indeed –


What a curse to

Be born imperfect

What a curse to

Be born inept


What a curse to

Not please each eye

What a curse to

Please the wrong eye


What a curse to

Be born a woman

What a curse to

Be forever wrong


Until I birth a man

And then the tables turn?