Paints or Hearts


She painted her face
Blackened by the sun
Painted it white
Lips rose red
Dark eyes staring back
at the woman afore

Stared thus wondering
Did she now look pretty?
A pretty damsel in distress?
Though she had no prince charming
None to praise her beauty
None to sing ballads of grace

What grace could she own
When she worked to own a meal
What prince charming could she await
She slayed her own dragons
Wiped her own tears
Comforted her own distress

Three decades over
How many more to go?
How many more years of staring at ugliness?
Then he strode forth
Not a prince charming like you’ll wished
But an ordinary man for an ordinary woman?

Who found beauty where she couldn’t
Who found grace in her daily chores
Who found light in her heart
He didn’t need painted faces
Nor did he make floral wishes
He simply tendered his heart in return of hers!


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