Find a nook for yourself

A tiny crook yours alone

Whereby you can sit & ponder

Ponder on days gone by

Ponder on tears dried

Ponder on sparks of hope


Find a nook for yourself

A corner to call your own

Whereby you can discover and hope

Hope for better sunnier days

Hope for night’s dark embrace

Hope for it to all end


Find a nook for yourself

A place to set your heart-free

Whereby you could lower your walls and dream

Dream of the good days to come

Dream of that hope crushed afore

Dream of dreams that soothe you


Find a nook for yourself

An area be it only in your mind

Whereby you could walk aimlessly and let you thoughts wander

Wander amidst gardens of black, whites and greys

Wander in thought clouds of black, white and greys

Wander β€˜round the world to see the black whites and greys