Book Review: The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh

Recently finished reading The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh… One more of the hundreds of romantics I’ve just finished reading. A story that clearly will bring tears to your eyes on several occasions, it also constantly keeps you wondering about what will happen next. Cause think as much as we like it’s practically eludes you to come up with a suitable conclusion till almost the end.

Which I believe is an admirable trait in this novel as so many of the regency England romances I’ve read are predictable the moment we cross the threshold of the first chapter. Instead of being one simple saga of two people falling in love it’s more of two tales intertwining and coming towards an end that is well acceptable.

For once we see a protagonist like Fleur who displays traits that are not of the usual genre. Her character is full-blown in this book, each nuance of her persona has been showcased and her actions augment the way she thinks and believes, as we read we notice how she has grown into the woman she is, how her eyes have opened up to the reality that surrounds her­­.

It’s beautiful how the truth dons upon both her and Adam… Not just the truth about being in love but also the truth about their mistakes, their failures and the harsh realities of life. It’s pretty much how it happens in reality with common people like us. The realization coming in a little too late and the light donning on how we could have circumvented that particular wrong decision of ours or that particular mistake.

Fifteen months does seem a really tiresome wait to be with the person you love. To top it all you don’t even know if the person still wants you in his/her life or no. Nonetheless, the book concludes on a beautiful note with two obviously agreeing to get married. After all which romantic doesn’t end on a happily ever after even though throughout this book there will be phases where you are sure that it’s going to be a sad ending but our faithful set of romantic authors surely don’t disappoint us ever.


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