A friend she’d been wanting to meet ever since she grew up
A meeting that death did nothing but postponed
Each day she prayed but unlike others the only thing she asked for was death
Cause only in death could she find freedom
Only in death an escape that she had wanted from the very start

Each day’s delay broke her a little more
Each day’s denial weighed down even more
Each day to keep going took all that she had
But death still didn’t come, gaining that sort of freedom wasn’t easy

She tempted her fates tried once every mean
To meet it soon; but to no avail
They said death would come only when it was time
She needed to know when would that time come
Needed to know how long she’d have to face this world

Death wasn’t heartless, one day he could see no more
One day he realised that she was now truly broken
No sparks of hopes, no rays of light
Then he descended

For that meeting promised so long ago
For he knew it was time to save her
For he had to rescue that poor soul
Before all good left; so he did just that

Opened his arms and pulled her into an embrace
An embrace that showed her hope
An embrace that proved God’s kindness
An embrace to keep her safe and finally at peace!




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