A Winter Eve by the Sea

Twas on a winter eve
When all was quiet
I sat reflecting on millions of questions
I sat searching for answers within

All I heard was nature’s sweet songs
In the waves, In the cold winds
I didn’t find any answers
As the music touched my soul

What I found can’t be put in words
What I found stilled my thoughts
What I found was peace and calm
Yet I sat alone on that wintery eve

Reflecting all that was gone
Reflecting all that was to come
Fear arose with uncertainty
Questions rose unanswerable

But the music rose higher than all
Letting me know that nature was there
Playing its sweet songs
With lyrics known only to my soul

Nature with its unpredictability
Nature with its uncertainty
I shivered then
Knowing it’s inevitability

Hoping and praying that wintery eve
That in the end it’ll be all ok…

Don’t be ready to denounce
I am a complex being
You might find something good
Even if it’s as tiny as dust…


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