He bought her a diamond ring
A solitaire garbed in platinum
He gave the worlds very best
And everything he thought her heart desired

She detested him; detested it all
Who wanted diamonds where there was no love
The best was nothing to her cause she thought
There was no love

He showered her with presents because he loved her
She hated them cause she thought there wasn’t love
They both loved but said it in different words
They both hurt but chose to hide it

Why did they make it all so difficult?
Why not leave it be simple?
Why not proffer your love with everything that you have?
Why not say what you need and leave behind prejudices?

Let life be simple
Like a child’s first smile at the sight of his mother
Like a bloom in the morn when all else is asleep
Like the flow of a river choosing its ways
Making new ones when none are to be.