They said Take Care,

They said You’ll Be Fine,

They said It’s Just A Phase,

But I said Are You Sure?


Nights no longer fetched me rest,

Nights no longer seemed the same,

Nights no more proffered solitude,

But they still said Take Care.


Each day it was difficult to soldier on,

Each day it was a task to finish tasks,

Each day memories boggled me down,

But they still said You’ll Be Fine!


I smiled and acted as if I was fine,

I smiled and thought it will pass,

I smiled and hoped the pain would dim,

But they still said It’s Just A Phase.


A void seemed to creep up,

As time refused to quicken it pace,

Why did happy times fly by,

And sad ones stall?

No one understood my loss,

But they still said It’s Okay!


Daily Prompt: Take Care.