Love Stories

All this we read about selfless love, about people caring for each other, about finding your soul-mate, your better-half… It’s nothing but bullshit!

I mean what the hell, in this world wherein by end of the day when I am brain dead if I can’t have even one meal without someone nagging – Where do i find LOVE?

All these stories, of love, romance, being someone’s till their very last breath does not happen in this world. May be they are stories from another world, from another realm, another universe! Cause today i don’t see one couple truly happy. Married for 55 years and living in the house like strangers. Had a love marriage, said we couldn’t live without each other… And all they do now is nag and fight?

Where did the love go, down the kitchen sink when reality sank in? Hell yeah!

Do you know why these love stories are written, for us to dream about and hope for? They are like drugs that make living in this selfish world easier. And am not saying that I’m not selfish, but of course I am and so is everyone cause at that is how you survive till the end of the day. In a world where everyone is thinking about themselves, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t think about yourself right?


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