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Twitter Trend
#MakesMeSofter – Twitter Trend

Cadbury’s social media seems to be on a roll – First trending #NewEclairsTVC for @CDMEclairs and now trending #MakesMeSofter for @Cadbury5Star.

The initial campaign for Eclairs ensure that the hashtag trended nationally for quite a few hours and even boosted their video views of the new TVC to 817. On an average around 650+ tweets were done according to Tweet Reach, however I’m sure the original number was higher (since the data is slightly old). The current campaign is all about tweeting with #MakesMeSofter! TweetReach states 1500+ tweets have already been done using the hashtag. Trending at No.5 nationally, the contest now has come to an end.

Twitter Trend  - India
Twitter Trend – India

However, what I truly wonder is what are the final objectives of trending on Twitter? What is that I achieve the most when I trend as a brand?

Some objectives could be –

Follower Increase

Brand visibility (worked with #NewEclairsTVC)

Increase in Video Views (Again worked with #NewEclairsTVC but not in a big way)

Heavy Engagement on the Twitter account (Achieved with both branded and non-branded hashtag)

Talking to Influencers (Again was achieved with both hashtags)

But is trending on Twitter entirely a Rosy affair? Not really, the biggest deterrent of trending a hashtag is the number of unfollows you receive on the day you trend and after that as well, Also, the audience that comes and follows you at the end of a contest is not one who is loyal or likes your brand, but more or less one that follows all contests. Hence, you would see them following your competitors as well!

The best way to avoid heavy unfollowing on the day of the trend is to ensure that you do not go all out and spam your followers with back-to-back tweets. An agency then needs to be smart and do heavy @replying and getting their in-house team and influencers to tweet. As for the people who follow you for a contest nothing can really be done about that! However, we need to ensure that your old followers do not desert you because of your current campaign.


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