Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters – My Best Friend!

Turning the clock two years back I met my wacky best friend at work, when she joined as the new HR! First look she would appear nothing but the sweet-innocent girl who’s never stepped over the boundary. She walks in with perfect make-up, high heels and a burqa! The usual conversations roll, where has she worked, does she have a boyfriend, what star-sign is she, are you a chicken lover, so on and so forth… (Well, my group of friends can come up with the quirkiest of questions possible!)

Who first appeared to be someone I could just be acquainted with turned out to be someone who matches the warning “Appearances can be deceiving!” From a simple burqa-clad girl to someone who can discuss make-up and lingerie to no end, she sure knew how to spice up a conversation. Going into a deeper character sketch, here’s what she’s like –

Intelligent yes, but she can redefine the word ‘Dumb’ when she feels like it. A complete Bollywood freak and big BIG fan of Shahrukh Khan. A die-hard romantic with her own funny notions of marriage and sex. She may be easy to fool, but is one of the most adorable and easy to love person as well! What tops it all, is her honesty and the fact that her feet are firmly planted into the ground. She may turn out to be selfish at times, but the moment you need a shoulder to cry on she’d be beside you like a rock!

From singing stupid songs on top volume to driving through Marine Drive with the rain pelting down hard, she surely knows how to live her life. The funny part is even though she has so much potential and such great knowledge on Make-Up and Beauty, this lazy ass will never ever take the effort to transform herself into a Blogger! To sum it all Farheen Shaikh is the sister I never had…

My entry for the http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/weekly-writing-challenge-characters/


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