They laughed at her clothes and said she had sweaty palms. They called her poor and unhygienic. She used to run away from school hoping to find peace at home. But who was she fooling?
Her house as always was a mess. Her parents forever fought. More than once in night her mother had dragged her and her brother to their granny’s house.
Her parents had had a love marriage but she never saw any love. By the time she turned 16 she hated that word love. She knew all it could ever give a woman was pain and tears.
By now she had left her school and its vast library behind. Now even her books wouldn’t be with her. The day she left the library once and for all, a little something died in her. She no longer had the heart to paint do she gave that up as well. College brought about the change she needed.
She could finally be among her equals where financial status wasn’t so different. She thought enough was enough she had to grow up and so she did. She talked to everyone and smiled and laughed but soon realised that now her education set her apart.
She could never be the girl who discussed boys. She preferred discussing books. So she didn’t fit in the group but she hung onto their company for the fear of beingΒ  alone.Β She tried changing herself but that also didn’t work out.