Childhood Impressions…

Once upon a time, in the land by the sea lived a little girl. Quite and distraught, she barely spoke to anyone. Her only friends were those in her head. Her only companions were those that she created. Year after year a part of her died. She had a huge family with aunts and cousins. When they laughed she laughed… When they cried she consoled them. But why didn’t they ever console her, why couldn’t she cry in front of them?
She knew she was strong after all her best friend, her god was with her. He surely never left her side, but then that wasn’t enough was it? Just like all other girls her age she also dreamt.
While they lived in magical castles like princesses, she lived in her small yet cozy cottage. While they played with expensive dolls and wore stylish outfits, she played with her brother’s old toys and had only two pair of good clothes. While they got extravagant pocket money, she didn’t even have money to buy books.
She said it didn’t matter and engrossed her mind in books. While girls spent their teens talking to and about boys she spent it reading and reading. Until one day, her heart skipped a beat. She saw her prince charming, singing her favourite song. She fell for him her first crush, which went on for 2 years. Till she heard him say to another girl that she was fat and ugly.
Heart broken and shattered she had no one to confide in. She cried till her eyes were sore and then pushed him out of her mind, at least she thought she had.
Truth was she realised then that love wasn’t meant for the fat and ugly it was meant for the beautiful. She then crossed her heart and swore to her self that she would never fall in Love.

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