The Glass Cage – Book Review


“Dark is a way and light is a place.”

Honestly I couldn’t think of a better way to start this book review than by the very lines that the author, Jeannette Walls, has used. Touching, sentimental, intense are not the only words that I would use to describe this book. Since for me it has been more than that as I re-read certain parts and chapters of this novel, I realize the one word that is apt to describe is ‘Educational’.

Yes this journey has been educational; I have made mental notes of several excerpts from the book, hoping they would stick with me. The beauty of this book lies in certain statements like – When you stop a child from crying… It’s nothing but ‘Positive reinforcement of negative actions.’ Another statement on the non-belief of Santa Clause was simply explained as to – ‘How other kids were deceived by their parents’.

Jeannette beautifully weaves the story and once in a while puts across thought such as the above which shock the reader and make them question their beliefs. We’ve been brought up with a certain thinking process and books like The Glass Cage come along once in a while to refresh your senses and help you open up your mind ever-so-slightly.

This memoir is written so enchantingly that it does not require any praise, pity or empathy from the reader all it requires is comprehension. You may pity the children on several instances but the very next moment they have done so well for themselves that you very surely know that they do not deserve pity they truly deserve to be awed.

For those who haven’t read it I would surely recommend this one to you. It’s one of the prized novels that has made a place in my small yet priceless library at office for itself.



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