Why aren’t there only bells in temples?
Why do we beat the loud and coarse drums?
Is it something about the harmony?
Or a message god wants to send out?

I hear the morning prayers, right now.
A mix of drum beats and bells.
There are times when bells are louder,
Then again there are times when the drum is at its best!

Symphony, Harmony & Melody,
The Good & The Bad together,
Take the drum for Negativity,
While the sweet chimes of bell emit positivity.

Each morning he reminds us,
That you can be anything – Good or Bad,
You will still be mine!
Can God still love us for all our flaws?

Has he knowingly made some,
of us loud & coarse to balance the world?
To create the right melody with drums & bells.
To let us know its fine to make mistakes!



  1. Beautifully written…Balance of negative & positive is the trick. Negative part should be addressed & understood. Just like the message of Harry Potter – Harry deals with the same negativity of Voldemont but he addresses the -ve and takes a positive step. Every -ve can be tuned into positive if we look carefully at ourselves (Nothing is permanent in life, every pain goes, every hurt goes, nothing stays forever so y to crib, understand your own negative, it has a beautiful song in every pain.As for mistakes & flaws, in gods eyes everything is perfect in tune, nature is perfect, even u & even -tivity is his creation. So wherever you are, u r loved by him in many way, set aside the ego & look at the people who pray for u & u will see many of them who have blessed u.


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