What frequency do I work on?

It’s so easy to tune a radio to your favourite station/RJ/Song… Then why can’t our lives also be radios wherein we can simply tune out and tune in. Each day would then be a new show. Each day would have new agendas & songs to look forward to. Right now most of our frequencies are simply set to just one station.

Change which is said to be the only thing constant is no more exciting or different. We are just so fine-tune to our lifestyles and daily to-dos that we fail to alter frequencies and try something new… We are scared to step out of our comfort zones and take something that doesn’t fall under what is called ‘Normal’.
Life has become so stagnant that each day seems to be like the other… Until one more year comes to an end and we hope that the New Year will bring something new and fresh. Hence, today’s generation has come to depend upon materialistic things to feel good and bring some change in our lives.
We barely buy things that we truly need we buy things that we think we do. What we need is to change our lifestyles and bring in positivity. Since we can’t keep hoping that materialistic changes will bring peace and happiness in our lives, as we need to be content with ourselves, just like our elders always keep telling us.
But ain’t being content boring? It’s like listening to only one song from morning to night day in and out. Guess we need to pick up the right signal and frequency that life sends our way, wherein we work hard and do just what we love!

One comment

  1. Hmm … this is good Riddhi :)! Contentment sud be with materialism (Cut down things that are unnecessary)& not in living life (Travel with ur intuition & Smile at strangers like a child)


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