Umbrellas… Umbrellas & more umbrellas! With the onset of monsoons, each girl is out on the lookout for the ideal umbrella! After all, if a Prada bag, Steve Madden shoes and a Zara dress can depict what a woman’s personality is, then so can an umbrella!

So to start off with, with the different style statements you make with umbrellas –

1)      The Oh-So Pretty Girl – If you’re the kind who lives by the pinks, the hearts and the frills then these umbrellas are just for you. Petite, Elegant, Chic & Intelligent – Is how we would describe them!

2)      Art Fanatic – If art is what you heart is in and colours are you means of expressing yourself. Then check out these three examples which define creativity and uniqueness! Artistic, Creative, Simple yet Beautiful – Are words they would associate themselves with!


3)      The Independent Wild – These are for those women who are proud of their wild-style. Independent, Ferocious, Strong and Hot – Are the best words to describe them!

4)      Oh-So-Different Girls – For those who love standing out in the crowd! These chicks are usually the ones who would never own anything that they have seen someone else use.

5)      The Professional – For those working women who are absolutely no-frills! These women are all practical at least they believe themselves to be. Their lives need to be organized and clutter-free, for professional always hate a mess and over-dramaticness.

Well, that’s about it for now. Don’t forget to tell us which of these five types are you? In case if you think you don’t fit into any of them then create your new category and let us know about it!