Nokia Pureview 808 hits India with a price tag of Rs. 33,899!

The Finnish company has outdone itself by releasing the Nokia 808 Pureview at a premium price of Rs. 33,899. In a country where the latest fad is all about sporting the costliest smartphone possible. Nokia 808 Pureview, claims to be exactly what its name suggests. The device boasts of a 41MP camera with each view will not only be pure but crystal clear as well.

The Xenon flash boosts the cameras functionalities to provide optimum lighting conditions. A treat for all photographers, the device gets better and better with the Nokia PureView pro technology and Carl Zeiss lenses. Along with an ace camera, it features a 4-inch AMOLED Clearback touchscreen protected by Corning Gorilla glass.

However, in today’s world where smartphones boast of Dual-cores and Quad-cores, this Nokia handset sports a ARM11 CPU clocked at 1300MHz. This seems to be the biggest drawback of the phone. Using applications on a single core, will surely be a task especially when competition offers so much more. With an internal memory of 16GB, it supports 48GB of expandable memory.

Currently available in the country in Black & White, this smartphone now competes against a Samsung Galaxy Note, on the basis of the cost. So tell us would you buy a Galaxy Note or the latest Nokia PureView 808?


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