Holodomor: Famine Genocide (1932 -33)

The world has cursed Hitler and the SS armies umpteen number of times for the Holocaust and the countless murders of Jews. Our history textbooks, showcase the same terror in a subtler way, movies and TV shows like the Band Of Brothers have etched dark images depicting the horror. On the other hand,  another genocide took place in the world in Russia known as the Holodomor. The Ukranian word means “Killing by Hunger” which is nothing but Famine Genocide.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the Supreme Commander of the Soviet Nation brought this genocide upon all Ukranians in the country. Hence the region known to be the ‘Bread Basket of Europe’ and the second largest Soviet Republic turned out to be the very place where over 3 million humans died out of starvation. It is even said that, ‘There is not a single Ukranian in this world who hasn’t lost a family member to the Holodomor.’

Children comprised one-third of the Holodomor victims in Ukraine. Large numbers of children were orphaned and became homeless. The Ukrainian population was reduced by as much as 25 percent. On being offered assistance from international communities like the Red Cross, the soviet nation turned them down refusing to accept the gravity of the famine.

Experts argue whether this famine can be termed a genocide or not. Some argue that probably the Soviet Nation was not to be blamed for this mass-murder. Some say that probably Ukraine brought this on themselves. Needless to say that truth has been written and re-written over these last 70-80 years. Hence, the true cause for these millions to be wiped off the face of earth will never be known, all that can be done today is to be aware and sympathize with each one of those families that suffered and saw their loved ones die one by one out of hunger.


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