The Dried Rose

Its funny ain’t it that till I move around pleasing everybody. They stare at me for hours on end, admiring the light and dark hues of my dress. The sweet curves, the ups and downs, the soft touch. The delicacy of my robes, the richness of my colour and the solemn message I carry of a budding love.
When I am delivered from special hand to another, the glee at the first sight the deep red blush to match my colour and the glance at the man she loves says it all!  My chest puffs with delight as I am used as the means of communication for someone’s unyielding love.
A day or two, I shine in full glory set up in a crystal vase on the centre white-marble table. Among all that is mundane and stale I enjoy the upmost attraction, attention and admiration. However, just as all the wise say – This too will pass! Three days post my entry to this house; I soon begin to lose my shine. My youth begins to fade my shoulders droop with shame.
A blue eye then casts a dirty look and questions why do stale flowers lie on your table. She says with wishful sigh that since you gave them to me I don’t have the heart to throw these away. Back comes a reply, “Darling, when I myself am here with you now forever what use is this dried old rose?” She smiles and blushes and with one swift hand throws me in the backyard bin.
Now as a I rot and whither in the backyard bin the young grass and garden flowers dance about in the wind. But then again I hear a voice saying, “This too shall pass”. A timid girl then picks me up and casts an eye at my withered beauty… I see a dream in her dark grey eyes, as she takes me home and preserves me in a dairy.
You all now wonder what dream had she in her eyes, don’t you? Well, then let me tell you’ll! It’s the dream that is in the eye of every girl. The dream when her Prince Charming or Romeo comes to capture her heart with the silent magic of true love!

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