A letter to those whom i call my Friends!

At times life just brings you on a very scary turn, wherein we are left wondering what we are doing. When u just don’t have time to be with, people you care about the most.

Friends with who you’ve spent days and nights together for years, now you have no idea of what happens in there life. It’s not that we don’t care for them. It’s just that we are so lost in our daily chores, that we forget about others be it family or friends.

To all those who i’ve not been able to give time, its not that it doesn’t hurt to say that m sorry i forgot. Its just that it slipped out of my mind to call back. I know i say sorry to often but i do mean them from the bottom of my heart.Cause in the end its people who matter the most in my life, more than any thing else…



  1. Very true… may god give all of us the strength to face those situations whn we are unable to say or speak. Wishing u all smiles, happiness and peace of world. Keep writing…by the way whr r your poetic blogs…?


  2. Hey Thanks Sindhu! Wish the same for you as well! Poetry comes and goes depends on the mood more often than not…Also its been so long ive sat and thought on marine drive that probably poetry ahasn't come by… 🙂


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