Me & My Music!

Im no musician, no expert on melodies. But somewhere down the line music is one of the most important things in my life. Even one the worst of worst days my morning begins with a smile if one of my hundred favourite songs is playing and does on the same note.

I do not understand genres, nor do i remember artists. But my love for the tunes never lessens. From the sound of a heart to the chatter of the city, makes of wanna dance with elegant grace.

Music is like laughter. A medicine of all cures – from soothing the grey cells to lifting the moods. Some find god through it, some find themselves. I am more of the latter strata of people.

Each note brings out emotions, and blends them meticulously with notes and lyrics to create the perfect harmony in my soul. Wherein my soul is at peace and nothing but positivity touches it.

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