As the call came that eve,
Came with it News better than I had ever heard,
I had cleared with distinction,
And a tear rolled down my eye.

Came with it thousands of memories,
Pinching my heart as they came out.
I had tried to lock away hopelessly
And a tear rolled down my eye.

As days gone by flashed in front of me,
All the awesome personalities I had met,
I missed each of them for a reason,
And a tear rolled down my eye.

Their was a mixture of emotions as they all came together,
Like some sort of a chemical blend,
Projects, movies, marine drive, college, friends, life!
And a tear rolled down my eye.

I came back to present as Elphinstone came in site
With it came memories of the thousand times I’ve got down there
But when I saw them standing there standing,
My two best buddies, people who had bared me for 3 yrs, night and day
My support system, people who never ditched me
A tear rolled down my eye, again.