Lone girl

I saw a lone girl walking down the shore. I don’t know if she is lonely or not but she seems upset. She doesn’t seem so well off. I mean her clothes seem old and loose, her body slumped and malnutritioned. She’s not that far from me, but has her back turned towards me. So I can’t really see her face but would love to capture her expression.

She seems to be so alone that I wish there was someone with her as she walked. Probably a warm hand to hold her cold and withered hand. The way that her arm hangs loosely by her side, if someone could just grasp it with love and the power to protect. It would be like pouring life into her body or more like a soul into her heart.

If god really made someone for everybody. Then why it is that in some people’s life it comes early and others have to wait for what seems an eternity.


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